"Music allows us to vibrate at a different frequency.”

Kashimana's songs are written to move across different genres like Pop, Country, R'n'B, Soul and Singer-Songwriter.


Excerpt from 'I'm Still Breathing' a Kashimana Original

Here I lie, with nothing to say
I can’t feel? So I can’t be real
where’s the sky? all I see is gray
leave me here, leave me to decay

Excerpt from 'All I Gotta to Say' a Kashimana Original

The memories rush to me in my slumber or daydream
The ecstasy of all we shared, its unheard of
All I got to say in this circumstance when I’m leaving
All I got to say is I’ll miss you

And I can’t believe you’re leaving
Cause where you go you know I cannot follow
I’ve got to hold on
You’ve tried to make me see that
There’s a history but where’s our tomorrow
What sorrow

Excerpt from 'Wicked Ways' a Kashimana Original

Sometimes I lie to protect you from torment
Sometimes I fight to keep you on your toes
Sometimes I cry to end our arguments
Sometimes I cheat cause I can I suppose

It’s you, who loves my wicked ways,
Yes it’s you, who hates my wicked ways
And you love to love, and you hate to hate
But most of all, you love to hate my wicked ways