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Short Bio

Kashimana means, “that is her heart.” When you listen to the music written by Kashimana, you can feel where her heart beats. Kashimana’s rich soulful voice is like the mellow voice of Sade mixed with the raw attitude of Tina Turner. She can write music in multiple genres from Pop to Country and loves to explore music from different countries.

Long Bio

Kashimana is a singer-songwriter with a rich soulful blues voice that soars through her original pop acoustic compositions. Along with her distinctive voice, Kashimana’s stage presence pulls you in and leaves you in a warm and fuzzy thrall that’s hard to shake. Her songs are simple, catchy, and paint compelling stories of her experiences in Africa, Europe and America.

Born in Nigeria, Kashimana traveled the world with her amazing parents and family, who influenced her to love music and art by singing around the house and owning a very eclectic music collection. At the young age of five, she discovered Michael Jackson, and thus began her love for performing. Later on she was waylaid by the decision to become a doctor: "Biology was my thing for a long time and I still geek out on the latest WebMD or Wired science article.”

During her final year of college studying Biomedical Sciences, Kashimana discovered the urge to write music was stronger than the urge to become a doctor. So after getting her Bachelor of Science degree in Biomedical Sciences, she joined a band called, Sexual Chocolate and the White Boys, with whom she wrote and performed. During this time Kashimana also studied music production and received her Associates Degree in 2006. She wrote recorded and edited the second Sexual Chocolate and the White Boys album Pure Poison.

Currently Kashimana performs as a solo musician and is the lead singer and guitarist of Kash and Khary (eclectic duo). Kashimana is about to graduate from McNally Smith College of Music with a Bachelor of Music in Composition - Songwriting. During her time at McNally Smith College of Music, she was able to expand her repertoire of writings skills into scoring and orchestration. She will be releasing an album in June 2017 titled, Love from the Sun - an eclectic mix of songs that shine a light on life, loss and hope.

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Phone: 651-307-8566

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Walking past a group from the University of Minnesota demonstrating prospective medical devices (“Let’s remember this is the Decade of Discovery, not the Second of Discovery”), I stepped up to the Farmers Union to discover a charming performance by singer-songwriter Kashimana, playing a soul-folk original with admirable focus while sitting in front of a wall of farm implements.
— Jay Gabler (08/28/2014) The Current Blog